Curriculum Vitae

Last updated October 2016

Utah Valley University
800 W. University Parkway
Orem, UT 84097

Salt Lake City UT 84103

Current Employment:

Assistant Professor
Concentration in Composition, Rhetoric and Literacy
Department of Basic Composition and ESL
Utah Valley University, Orem UT

Teaching Interests:

Undergraduate – First Year Composition, Undergraduate Research; Community engagement and applied service learning, Writing about Writing, Writing for Social and Digital media Contexts; Writing for Social Change, Capstone and Senior Thesis; Online and Hybrid Curriculums

Graduate – New Materialist Rhetorics, Posthumanism, Composition Theory and Pedagogy; Curriculum Development; Project-based, Multigenre, and Multi-modal Approaches to Teaching Writing; Research Methods in Composition: Qualitative Methods; rhetorical ethnography; grounded theory study

Research Interests: Literacy and Electracy; UX Design; Project-based and Multimodal Pedagogy; Assemblage Theory; First Year Experience; Class in Composition; Qualitative Research, specifically Rhetorical Ethnography and Grounded Theory


PhD in English – Composition and Rhetoric, University of Wisconsin-Madison, August 2011
Under the direction of Deborah Brandt, my dissertation was defended and approved August 2011.
Dissertation: The Fertile Commonplace: Collective Persuasions, Interpretive Acts, and Dialectical Spaces

Dissertation Committee
Advisor: Deborah Brandt
Members: Morris Young, Michael Bernard-Donals, Cecilia Ford, Simone Schweber

Master of Arts, English – Composition and Rhetoric
Thesis: “Emerson’s Rhetoric: Restructuring Religious Thought Through Metaphor”
Wright State University, Dayton, OH 2006 – Outstanding Graduate Student in Composition and Rhetoric, 2005-2006
Advisor: David Seitz

Master of Humanities, Wright State University, Dayton, OH 2004

Bachelor of Science, English Education, Ohio University, Athens, OH 1983

Professional Appointments:

Assistant Professor- Department of Literacies and Composition

Utah Valley University, Orem UT, August 2011 to Present

Basic Writing; First Year Writing; Undergraduate Research Methods; Community Engagement and Applied Service Learning, Senior Capstone

Curriculum Design for Online and Hybrid English 1000

Utah Valley University, Orem UT, August 2012 to Present

In collaboration with a small project team including IT, Graphic Designers, and Program Developers, I have been responsible for the design and ongoing maintenance of the English 1000 online course.

Design and Web Development for Literacies and Composition Online

Utah Valley University, Orem UT, August 2016 to Present

The Department of Literacies and Composition Online Resource Center hosts a drag and drop course builder, lesson share, and “Innovations, Teaching with Technology” a blog for faculty to encourage faculty to incorporate new technologies in the classroom.

Literacies and Composition Faculty Development and In-service Coordinator

Utah Valley University, Orem UT, August 2011 to Present

This WPA position includes coordination and inservice training for 25-30 full and part-time faculty; Includes “Faculty Seminar Series,” which takes place monthly and focuses on current research in the teaching of English, composition theory and pedagogy, research methods and professional development.

UVU Graduate Council (Graduate Program Development)

Utah Valley University, Orem UT, September 2014 to Present

As a member of this committee, I am responsible for development and oversight of Utah Valley University’s Graduate Studies Program

UVST- BA/BS-Steering Committee (Degree Program Development)

Utah Valley University, Orem UT, September 2014 to Present

Development and Oversight of Utah Valley University’s newly established University Studies Bachelor of Arts and Science degree

University of Wisconsin, Assistant Director, Eng100 (Writing Program Administration)

University of Wisconsin, Madison WI, July 2008 to June 2010

Development and management of the first year writing program including the mentoring and training of more than 40 graduate teaching assistants

Founder and Chair, Estuary – English Graduate Affiliation to Strengthen Community-University Connections

University of Wisconsin, Madison WI, January 2010 to January 2011

Design, coordination and development of programs to support graduate scholars interested in strengthening connections between the university and the community

Research and Publications:

Articles and Chapters:

Preston, Jacqueline. “Project(ing) Literacy: Writing to Assemble in a Postcomposition FYW Classroom,” College, Composition, and Communication. Sept. (2015): 35-63

Preston, Jacqueline and Marrott, Deborah, The Department of Literacies and Composition at Utah Valley University.” Writing Program Architecture: Thirty Cases for Reference and Research. Ed. Bryna Siegel Finer, Utah State University Press (2016)

Preston, Jacqueline. “Disrupting the Pedagogical Imperative to Prepare the “Underprepared”: Reassembling Literacy, Language and Writing in the FYW Classroom.” Class in the Composition Classroom: Pedagogy and the Working Class. Ed. William Thelin and Genesea Carter, Chicago Press (2017): Forthcoming

Preston, Jacqueline. “‘There Again, Common Sense’: Rethinking Literacy Through Ethnography,” Community Literacy Journal 2.1 (2007): 59-78


Preston, Jacqueline and Hilst, Joshua C. The Write Project: A Concise Rhetoric for the Writing Classroom. Fountain Head Press. 2014. Book

This rhetoric for a first year composition classroom introduces students to the concept of writing as an assemblage and the notion that students bring to the writing space the necessary equipment for writing—a rich history, acquired literacies, and experience. This text lays the foundation for shifting students’ orientation to writing as a thing relevant to the literacy learning moments that occupy their everyday lives and treats writing as contextual, a cultural artifact poised for redistribution and circulation.


Preston, Jacqueline. Literacies and Composition Online. 2016. Website

Preston, Jacqueline and UVU’s Office of Teaching and Learning. A Different Kind of Course. 2015. Video

Books, Articles, and Multimedia in Process

Jacqueline Preston. Writing as Assemblage: Composition at the Turn. Book

Writing as Assemblage pushes beyond process and post process discussions of writing, to explore the potentialities that exist when teacher/scholars understand writing as more than a conduit for expressing ideas, and rather a dialectical space in which acquired and emerging literacies, histories, ideas and experience integrate in the writing space to enact transfer and generate anew. This text provides a unifying theoretical foundation for writing classrooms that use project-based, multigenre, and multimodal approaches to teach writing.

Preston, Jacqueline. “The Student as Object: New Materialism and the First Year Writing Student” Radical Pedagogies: Postpedagogy for the First Year Writing Classroom. Edited by Jacqueline Preston, Adam Kohler, and Rik Hunter. Book

Preston, Jacqueline. 2016. Inter-University Website.

Teaching Interests:

First Year Composition; Writing for Digital Media Contexts; Visual Rhetorics; Project-based Writing; Writing for Social Change; Composition Theory and Pedagogy

Research Methodology Courses: Undergraduate Research; Community-based Research Introduction to Qualitative Methods; Rhetorical Ethnography; Grounded Theory

Grants, Honors, and Fellowships:

Dean’s Scholarship Award, 2016, Utah Valley University

Faculty Excellence Award, 2015, Utah Valley University

University College Phased Grant, 2013 “Research in Project-based Approaches to FYW” ($8500.00)

Grants for Engaged Learning (GEL), 2013 “Writing for Social and Digital Media Contexts: A Community Writing Workshop” ($2500.00)

Grants for Engaged Learning (GEL), 2012 “Undergraduate Research in Project-based Approaches to FYW” ($2500.00)

University of Wisconsin Capstone PhD Teaching Award, 2011, University of

Wisconsin-Madison (Campus-wide, awarded to 1-5 Instructors Annually)

Engage Teaching Award 2010, Digital Media, School of Letters and Science,

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University Dissertation Fellowship, English Department Nominee 2010, University of Wisconsin-Madison

ATTW Research Methods Workshop Honorarium 2010, Louisville

Vilas Research 2010, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Phillip Loren Fellowship 2006, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Conferences Presentations:

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2016, Houston. Active Support for Radical Pedagogies: The Postpedagogical Movement, Project-Based, Multigenre, and Multimodal Approaches ½ Day Workshop, co-hosted with Dr. Nancy Mack

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2016, Houston. Risk and Reward: Project-based Approaches to Teaching Writing” Panel with Joshua C. Hilst, Elena Garcia, and Ben Goodwin

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2015, Tampa. Rewriting Plato’s Legacy:  Ethics, Rhetoric, and Writing Studies, “Ethics in First Year Writing” Panel with John Duffy, Lois P. Agnew et al.

The Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference (WSRL) 2014, Reno. “Risky Business: Crisis and Consequence in Project-Based Pedagogy” Panel with Joshua C. Hilst, Elena Garcia, and Ben Goodwin

The Western States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference (WSRL) 2014, Reno. “Continuity and Change: Burke’s Recalcitrance and the Function of Language.”

Conference on Writing For Social Change 2015, Orem Utah.“Writing the Personal Political in the First Year Writing Classroom” Multimedia Blog Panel with Students

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2014, Indianapolis. “Transformational Ownership: Creating and Navigating Ownership in the Design of a Departmental Online Composition Course” Panel with Deborah Marrott, Jamie Littlefield, and Scott Manning

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2013,
Las Vegas. “Projecting Literacy: A Project Model for Higher Education.”

Conference on Writing For Social Change 2012, Orem Utah.“Project Methods for the Composition Classroom”

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2012, St. Louis. “Collective Persuasions: History, Memory and the (Re)Construction of Rhetoric Culture.” Qualitative Research Network

Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) 2012, Philadelphia. “Social Recalcitrance: Tropes, Schemes, Ideographs and the Dialectical Space of Ambiguity and Change”

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2012, St. Louis. Chair: “Online Identity Construction in Video Games and Blogs”

Rhetoric Society of America Institute 2011, Boulder. “Composing Multimodal Rhetorics”

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2011, Atlanta. “Mediating Rhetorics of Home and School: Writing Cultural Memory into Genre”

Central State Anthropological Society (CSAS) 2010, Madison. “Collective Persuasions: An Ethnography of Rhetoric”

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2010, Louisville. “Holism, Culture, and the Interpretive View: The Implications of Anthropological Thought to Contemporary Composition Pedagogy”

Class Matters Conference; Working Class Studies Association 2010, SUNY. “Tropes, Ideographs, and Schemes in Two Rural Communities”

Biennial Conference of Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) 2010, Minneapolis. “Method as Dialectic: A Sociohistoric Look at the ‘Sociorhetorical Turn’ in Composition and Rhetoric”

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2009, San Francisco. “What Sociohistoric-sociocultural Perspectives Mean to Composition and Rhetoric”

Teaching and Learning Symposium 2008, University of Wisconsin- Madison. “Mentoring: What Case Studies in One–on-One and Small Group Interactions Tell Us”

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2008, New Orleans. “Resisting, Refracting, and Redesigning: An Ethnographic Study of a Neighborhood Food Pantry”

Class Matters: Working Class Studies Association (WCSA) 2007, St. Paul. “Extending Audience: A Rhetorical Pedagogy for the Composition Classroom”

Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention (CCCC) 2006, Chicago. “Putting Theory into Practice: Discourse Community as a Foundation for Research Writing”

The National Women of Appalachia Conference 2005, Ohio University. “Approaching Cultural Literacy: An Ethnographic Perspective on Appalachian Culture and Critical Literacy”

Workshops and Talks:

Utah Valley University, Orem Utah 2014: Exploring The Possibles: The Post Composition Classroom for the 21st Century with Sidney Dobrin. “Toward a Theory of Assemblage for the Writing Classroom,” with Deborah Marrott, Jacqueline Preston, Jamie Littlefield, and Scott Manning

Utah Valley University. Orem Utah 2013. Writing For Social and Digital Media: A Community Writing Workshop. “Rhetorical Approaches to Writing.”

Rhetoric Society of America Institute 2011, Boulder. “The Intersections of Rhetoric and Ethnography”

Estuary, University of Wisconsin 2010, “Incorporating Community-Based Research in Your Curriculum”

Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) Research Methods Workshop 2010, Louisville:“Texts in Their Social Contexts”

Composition and Rhetoric Spring Colloquium, University of Wisconsin 2010, “Negotiating Politics in Teaching, Research, Administration, and Service” with Deborah Brandt, Melissa Tedrowe and Beth Godbee

Techfellows 2007, University of Wisconsin-Madison: “Research & Write @ Wisc.Eng100: Using Technology in the Classroom”

Rhetoric Society of America 1st Biennial Institute 2005. Kent State University: “Reinventing the Rhetoric of Social Change”

Teaching Experience:

Assistant Professor, Utah Valley University – Orem, UT
August 2011 to Present – 7 Semesters

English – Introduction to Writing: “Writing the Personal, Political”
This course incorporates community-based research, incorporating individual project-based methods to provide opportunities for students to strengthen abilities in these four areas: Rhetorical Knowledge, Critical Thinking in Reading, Writing, and Research, Processes, and Knowledge of Conventions.

English -Topics, Problems, and Projects
These first year composition courses take a rhetorical and project-based approach to the teaching of writing and rhetoric.

English -Topics, Problems, and Projects: Online and Multi-hybrid Course
These hybrid and fully online courses incorporate advances in technology and new media: videos, interactives, tutorials, prezis, and game in conjunction with project-based curriculum and pedagogy

University Studies – Community Engagement and Applied Service Learning
This honors course is designed to provide undergraduates with experience in conducting community-based research.

University Studies – Undergraduate Research Methods
This honors course is co-taught and underscores methods of secondary research as well as those methods common to qualitative research methodology.

GTA, Department of English, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI
August 2006 to August 2011 – 10 semesters

English – Seminar in Writing Pedagogy
This graduate seminar course is co-taught, designed as an introduction to writing pedagogy for graduate students teaching English 100 at the University of Wisconsin.

English – Digital Connections: Project-Based Writing, Research, and
This intermediate course approaches writing and various multi-modal forms of composing as rhetorical acts. Assignments are embedded within and directed toward multi-modal creative projects designed by the student.

English – Writing Rhetorically
This intermediate course in writing directs students’ attention to rhetorical context.

English – A Rhetorical Approach to Writing and Research
This first year writing course facilitates student writing by focusing students’ attention on the composing process, accessing outside resources and taking risks experimenting with new mediums and genres and new methods of research.

Instructor and Outreach Liaison for UW Writing Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI, August 2006 to Present – 8 semesters

Synchronous Online Instruction
Assisted student writers online with writing across disciplines: all levels including undergraduate course work, graduate level seminar papers, application materials, dissertations, and article publications.

Community Service Writing: Business Writing
Assist community members seeking help with resumes, cover letters, grant writing, and various other writing needs.

The UW Multicultural Center: ESL
Assisted multilingual learners seeking assistance with writing across multiple disciplines and at all levels, from undergraduates to dissertators.

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Outreach Instructor:
Designed and implemented instruction for multiple classrooms across campus, including instruction in writing personal statements, research abstracts, and various other genres requested by professors from across the curriculum.

Writing Statements of Current and Future Research
Introduced students to the “Research Statement”; workshop designed to prepare graduate students across disciplines for entering the job search.

Instructor, Graduate Assistant, Department of English, Wright State University, Dayton OH, August 2004 to June 2006 – 6 Semesters

English 101: Academic Research and Writing
English 102: Intermediate Composition

Instructor, Department of English, Southern State Community College Wilmington OH August 2001 to December 2003 – 3 Semesters

English: Women in Literature
English: Introduction to Composition
English: Advanced Composition and Research

Academic Service:

Utah Valley University:

  • UVST BA/BS Oversight and Steering Committee
  • Conference on Writing For Social Change- Multimedia Coordinator
    UVU-BC Web Development
  • Faculty Development and In-Service: Coordinator for the Basic Composition Department
  • Utah Valley University Faculty Senate
  • Faculty In-Service Online… Coordinator/Developer
  • English 0990- Project-Based Curriculum Lead and Mentor: Biweekly Seminars
  • Phi Theta Kappa: Advisor

University of Wisconsin:

  • Estuary: The English Department Graduate Affiliation for Strengthening Community
  • University Liaisons and Exchange: Founder and Chair
  • University of Wisconsin Common Read, 2010: Selection Committee
  • English 100 Course Reader Committee: Co-Chair
  • English Department Expository Writing Committee: Graduate Student Representative
  • Composition and Rhetoric Graduate Reading: Co-Director

Professional Affiliations:

RSA: Rhetoric Society of America
NCTE: National Council of Teachers of English
CCCC: Conference on College Composition and Communication
WSRL: Western States Rhetorics and Literacy
WCSA: Working Class Studies Association


Available upon request

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