In a Nutshell

I completed my doctoral work at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I hold a PhD in English, Composition and Rhetoric,  a Masters in English, Composition and Rhetoric and a Masters of Humanities. My research and teaching interests include, community rhetorics, the writing space, rhetorical approaches to first year composition, composition theory and pedagogy, project-based learning, and community based research and learning. In addition to teaching first year writing including basic writing, I teach an undergraduate research course and a community engagement course as part of the Honors in Action program.

My work has been published in First Year Composition, an instructor’s guide for the University of Wisconsin’s FYC program and in Community Literacy Journal. In addition to these two articles, I have co-authored with Dr. Joshua C. Hilst, the text, The Write Project, A Concise Rhetoric for the Writing Classroom. My most recent publications include a forthcoming article, “(Project)ing Literacy: Writing to Assemble in a Postcomposition FYW Classroom,” in College, Composition, and Communication, and a chapter co-authored with Deborah Marrott in Working Writing Programs: A Reference of Innovations, Issues, and Opportunities, both forthcoming in 2015.

In addition  to scholarship and teaching, I’m deeply committed to writing program development. I served as an assistant director to the English 100 program for the University of Wisconsin and have been able to continue this work at UVU as  the Faculty Development and  In-service Coordinator. I’m pretty passionate about curriculum design and program development. For me, this is where theory comes home!

For more about my professional history, please see my Curriculum Vitae and Teaching Statement.

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