Writing as Assemblage: Composition at the Turn

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“It began with affection and took flight.”

Composition is at a turning point, and a movement is taking place. It began with affection and  took flight–affection for students, for teaching, for writing, for relevancy. At the forefront of this movement are project based, multi-genre, and multimodal pedagogies, an insistence on producing writing that serves students politically, socially, and emotionally. These new models of writing disrupt traditional understandings of what it means to be a proficient writer and approach “writing as assemblage.”

On this site, you can read about “writing as assemblage,” a foundational theory of the writing space for the 21st century composition classroom and take a peak at the project-based model of writing that I use in the first year writing classes that I teach.

  • To learn more about project based approaches to teaching writing and the theory underlying it, visit  The Classroom and The Theory page.
  • To read about the research that’s behind all of this, take a look at The Research.
  • If you’d like to know more about my professional history, research and teaching interests (in a nutshell) you can check out About Me and my Curriculum Vitae.